Hopeful Orphan Minitries

Direct Global Orphan Care

Direct Support

Global orphan care is one of the tougher ways to get involved, as it implies international travel for direct support and is almost always predicated on kind of financial support for supporting people and organizations indirectly.  Nevertheless, God’s call is to take care of orphans, wherever they may be.  The following are some ways to get involved for those whom God has called to work globally with orphans.

Work internationally and hands-on with orphans 

Volunteers and full-time employees are always needed at agencies at all levels to work with orphans.  One of the most highly-listed needs received from orphan workers is the need for more workers.  Some agencies may offer paid employment and other situations may require the worker to provide their own financial support.

Possible hands-on opportunities are:

  1. Orphanage worker
  2. Baby Home worker
  3. Working for an international agency, such as the International Red Cross
  4. Adoption Social Worker


Go on a short-term missions trip

Many of the above-listed agencies have short-term needs that can be fulfilled through the help of a missions team.  Most churches have contacts in various parts of the world.  Check with the local Eldership to see where the church is working and to look for individual opportunities to serve.