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Direct support for International adoption

Direct Support

Direct Support

Below is a listing of ways to directly support adoptive parents as well as orphans available for adoption. For specific agencies and resources, please reference the International Resources Page.


One of the major problems that adoptive parents have in preparing for international adoption is funding the adoption.  Supporting the parents financially will be a huge blessing to them.  This can be completed in many simple ways.

 Some parents have fund raisers where they sell various items.  These tend not to generate too much money, but help offset the smaller nickel and dime costs in the early stages of the process.

It is also helpful to adoptive parents to receive random donations directly from supporters.  This is often unexpected and helps the parents to feel supported, especially if the donation is anonymous.

There is a type of grant for which some parents apply.  This is a matching grant, wherein the supporting organization will match any donation from friends and family up to a certain amount.  It may be helpful to wait before offering a donation to see if any donations can be maximized by a matching grant.  Or, if appropriate, asking the parents if they may be applying for this type of grant could help direct donation assistance. 


There are so many areas for which an adoptive family requires prayer. 

  •          God’s will to be done in their family
  •          Family unity in the face of tough decisions
  •          God’s provision for finances
  •          Preparation of a child for their home
  •          Preparation of other family and children already in the adoptive family
  •          Help for the adoptive child to adapt to the new lifestyle
  •          That travel would go smoothly
  •          That the paper work could go through smoothly
  •          For the marriage of the adoptive parents through the travel process


Child sponsorship

There are many organizations who offer direct support to orphanages and often uniquely to a specific orphan.  This will help out the organization, and in some cases, directly provide for the needs of the orphan.  Please reference the International Resources page for specific resources.


Adoption is the most common way to directly support the adoptive world as well as orphans.  The benefits of adopting are obvious for the child, but there are also additional benefits for supporting orphans. As other families visualize the process unfold before them and are able to meet the child and see him or her grow, this speaks volumes for the cause for adoption and orphan care.  Furthermore, the act of adoption demonstrates an indirect need-meeting Gospel presentation to the families who watch adoptive families work out God’s love for them by loving another life.