Hopeful Orphan Minitries

Global Orphan Care Resources

Global Orphan Care Resources

Below are resources to promote global orphan care

Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) — One of the largest American-based organizations for promoting global orphan care.  They hold a yearly conference and post an enormous amount of resources, from their conferences, articles, and to external links.

Together for Adoption (T4A) — Organization focusing on educating other people on global orphan care.  They also host a yearly conference, as well as other international conferences.  Recordings and various articles are available online.

Every Orphan’s Hope — Every Orphan’s Hope shares the love and hope of Jesus Christ with orphans in Zambia, Africa. We don’t build orphanages; we build families. By constructing homes in AIDS-stricken communities, orphans and widows build new lives together as a family. Led by a “mama,” orphans are brought to life in Christ in the community where they are known and surrounded by their peers. Jesus Christ is calling you to join in Him, along with us, in caring for a generation of children for His glory! Jesus is their hope – but He needs our heart and hands!

Together for Adoption, South Africa —  In 2013,  T4A hosted a conference in Pretoria, South Africa, where missionaries that Millersville Bible Church support were able to volunteer.  The recordings from this event as well as future events from the same region are available on the website.

Dr. Piper’s letter to his wife — Upon realizing God’s calling for him to adopt, Dr. John Piper wrote a letter to his wife, expressing his agreement with her to adop, his reasons for doing so, and his heart moving forward.  This is a fine example of why we adopt as well as how a Christian husband and wife should proceed in difficult decisions.


Dr. John Piper summarizes his Theological reasons for choosing to adopt his daughter in this five-minute talk.