Hopeful Orphan Minitries

Indirect Foster Care Support

Indirect Support

Pray for foster families. 

Pray for emotional and spiritual strength as they go through challenging times.  Pray for physical strength as they open their home to children.  Pray for their own children to understand and welcome the foster child into their home.

Notes/e-mails of encouragement

Many foster families can feel discouraged at various times through the process for a multitude of reasons.  Writing encouraging letters is a great way to help them refocus as well as to know that they aren’t alone.

Provide meals

While foster families may not go through the pain and labor of childbirth, they are placed in much of the same situation upon having a child placed in their home.  They’re lived are turned upside down just like the natural birth of a baby would.  Providing meals in the early days after placement is a significant help.

Additionally,  foster families would appreciate the encouragement of having a meal provided even well after the initial days are over.

Provide clothes & toys

Children are often placed in the foster home with very little notice and almost no time to prepare.  Even if the foster family has children already in the home, it is unlikely that they will already have everything they need, as ages, gender, preferences are not likely to match completely with their current stores.


A foster family has required training to attend, they also have court hearings, visits with the birth parents, many doctors appointments, etc.  Sometimes they just need a night out to reconnect with each other.  In order to baby-sit the foster child, you will need to complete background checks and clearances.  If you are going to watch the child in your home, you will need the caseworker to complete a home study.  These are actually very easy things to complete and really bless the foster family.

Volunteer to help the foster mom out around the house for a day.

The job of being a foster parent is exhausting.  Anything to give the parents a break will be welcome.

Take other children (carpooling) to school, activities, church, etc.

Again, anything that can be done to help alleviate the workload on the foster family is welcome.

Be careful with what is said.

Well meant comments like “I couldn’t do that” or “its going to be hard saying goodbye” or “I’d get too attached” can be very hurtful to a foster family, as it serves as a reminder to the horrible downsides to being a foster parents.

Volunteer at a foster parent event

Local agencies and other groups occasionally sponsor events that cater to foster families.  As with many such events, volunteers are frequently needed to help the event have the most impact as possible.  Check with your local Children and Youth Agency to find out how to become involved with these events.