Hopeful Orphan Minitries

Indirect Global Orphan Care

Indirect Support

Global orphan care is one of the tougher ways to get involved, as it implies international travel for direct support and is almost always predicated on kind of financial support for supporting people and organizations indirectly. Nevertheless, God’s call is to take care of orphans, wherever they may be. The following are some ways to get involved for those whom God has called to work globally with orphans.

Support a local agency financially

The cry of most agencies who work with orphans is that they need more money. Committing to help support an agency, even for a year, is of great benefit to the agency.  Please visit our resource pages for agencies to consider supporting.

Sponsor an orphan

Some orphanages and agencies, such as Show Hope feature a sponsor an orphan method for supporting a specific orphan and the agency.  This usually will fund or help fund basic need meeting for the child, and often will extend to schooling, medical attention, and other needs that help to improve the child’s quality of life.