Hopeful Orphan Minitries

Who is HOPEful?

Who is HOPEful?

Helping Orphans through Provision and Evangelism


HOPEful Orphan Ministries is an Orphan Ministry Team under the direct supervision of the Elders of Millersville Bible Church and as an extension of that congregation’s ministry. Being aware of God’s call and command to care for the orphan, the ministry began through a book study of Orphanology, by Tony Merida and Rick Morton.  Through this study, we learned more of God’s call and command for the Christian to care for the orphan (James 1:27), as well as how this overlaps with the Doctrine of our adoption by the Spirit (Eph 1:4-5 and Gal 4:6-7).

At present, the group is young and is still in some ways defining itself.  HOPEful is a growing ministry that is already active in the community, both local and abroad, while seeking to have a more stable, long-term relationship with those working with orphans.

HOPEful’s mission statement states: We seek to honor God by caring for orphans through education, service, and partnerships.